It’s just gonna work out

things will work out

Recently, I happened to stumble on a blog post by one of my favorite blogger mustbethistalltoride and he was talking about how to be a real man and what real men do. It took me about 20 minute to read and understand the article because it was deep, emotional and he was so passionate about it. Actually, you can feel his heart a few sentences from the first word.

After the well spent 20 minute of reading the post, I discovered an embedded video which he attached to the end of the post. The video was all about the funeral mass service of Ingrid Williams, the wife of Monty Williams. The assistant coach of Oklahoma city thunders basketball team. Who died as a result of injuries from a car crash. Looking at a well dressed elegant man in the video, gave me more urge to stick around for a while and see what the video was all about.

I watched and listened to the man speak. And damn!,  I’ve never seen a beautiful, forgiving, understand, faithful and kind-hearted human all my life. He stood there for a good number of minutes and all I could hear him say is as hard as this is for me and my family and you, all of this will work out.” For a minute, I couldn’t understand why a man that is mourning could have the heart to say such words. Again he said this will work out, doesn’t mean it’s not hard, it’s not painful but i know it will work out” then lastly he made a statement that startled me, he said “Everybody is praying for me and my family; which is right. But let us not forget that there were two family’s involved in this, they also lost someone dear to them, so they need our prayers too.”

At that moment, I was so touched and moved in tears at his level of forgiveness and faith towards life. But again it awakened me to a whole new dimension of faith and understanding of life — for the record, I don’t mean to sound so religious to avoid awakening the sensitivity of other readers.

Life sometimes gives us reasons to quit

“Yea! it does.” Sometimes life seems to put on display many reasons and challenges to believe that things won’t ever work out. I think i would have been more happier if life only puts the worst on display for us to see everyday but you and i know that, that’s not true, because it doesn’t only put the worst on display, it unarguably dares us too.  Frequently, when i tune into CNN, 99% of the time, all i see are mind-troubling, depressing and fast-fear generating bad news that will successful end up in giving me more than a million reasons to throw in the towel and never go back to pick it up; haha!. but guess what? at the end my troubles and the unending reasons  past away and “things just worked out. ” So, i don’t care what you are going through right now because every human being on earth is going through things, it might be depressing, it might be worse than death, it might be the most ugliest situation you can ever imagine. I am just sure it will work out.

i am not just trying to preach here. I have actually walked that path before and still walking on it right now, but in all, i have seen it work out for good. I remember when it felt like i wasn’t going to have a roof over my head, but it worked out. When my father got involved in an accident that left an elderly woman in the hospital for months; we thought it was going to be the end for her, her family and for us financially, but trust me, all of it worked out.

So like Monty and his family

I believe that things will definitely work out, i believe that at the end you and i will be a conquerer, i believe its gonna work out. So on that note, think of any situation that seems like “hey! this won’t work out”  and say to yourself  “all of this will work out” believe it and it will work out.

Below is the video, i hope you get encouraged and also learn from it like i have.


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