There was a because


There happens to be an english word i know so much, that has been used and re-used in all works of life. That of lately, i started thinking to myself “is there any other meaning attached to it?” but i was disappointed when i flipped the pages of my dictionary and found out its meaning. Hence, i realized that i have also been a victim of re-using the same word too.

This is a word — i believe — that has helped to keep the world rotating around its axis. And has given mankind the opportunity to do good or bad, choose right or wrong and still put it to your face whether you have a soft-spot on it or nah.

The word “because” like i said earlier has been used eminently almost by everyone and left for me, i think it is almost becoming a cliché — if not already one. According to my little research, i found out that the word because defines why things are the way they are, purpose and reason. So therefore, the said word “because” gave us the opportunity to cover up for our action especially in marriage, relationship and choosing a life partner.

Wait a minute Mike! what you talking about?

This might be the reaction of some of you reading this right now, but here is the point. Life has terrifically bent humanity towards that point, when we give reasons for everything we do “even for brushing our teeth.” Initially, i thought it was just gonna end with us and the average things we do, little did i know that it could also find its way into our marriages, relationships and choosing a life partner.

As a young man, i have watched people fall in love and out of it quickly like the speed of light. I have seen people claim they are in love, yet, they don’t even know why they are together with each other or even taking a moment to figure out where they are heading to. Nevertheless, i have witnessed a good number of successful marriages and relationship and most importantly, i have been in love. I have been out of love.

Where are you driving at?

Am — just put on your seat belt, we will get there soon — trying to figure out why most times, 90% of the relationships that started yesterday never ends well. It has got me exceedingly bothered that just recently i began reminiscing on how i fell in love with my ex, how we said we loved each other and how we both practically attached an ex to the word boyfriend and girlfriend. Here is how it all went down. When we first met, the caring was 100. But as time passed; it reduced drastically. Frustration, blames and issues became the other of the day, and now the rest are just memories.It was after some days of asking the WHY and HOW question; i realized that i was in love with her for a reason and that’s simply because she was a caring person. Am i saying that you shouldn’t fall for a nice caring person, the answer is “NO.” Am just saying that it shouldn’t be the reason for falling for him/her.

Frequently, we fall in love for a reason. 

Abruptly, we fall in love with the right person but for the wrong reason. That just reminded me that doing good thing doesn’t mean we are doing the right thing. Like my past relationship, we believed we were just a perfect match (Good) but when the reason for our love faded away, everything crashed and burnt with it. Thats the same way so many relationship/marriages has crashed and burnt, folks go into relationship ready and all charged up for so many reasons thats we believe are right but when we can’t lay hold on those reasons anymore, we comfortable say goodbye.

Now here is the high note

Imagine you fall in love with someone because he/she has got the best facial looks in the world, what are you gonna do when that face is not as pretty as it used to be? will you still be in love?

Imagine for another second that you fell in love with him/her because of that six-packs-body-built physic or because of that curvy booty like “Minaj.” Will you still be there when the reverse becomes the case?

Imagine again that you are about to say “i do” right now because he/she provides everything, will you still say forever and for always when he/she can’t contribute a dime.

There are so many things to still imagine but the big question is, “whats will be your answer if you find yourself in any of those imaginations up there?”

Now maybe you should pause and ask your lover, husband or wife why he/she loves you. I can guarantee that over 85% of y’all will get the word “because” attached to the answer.

There was a “because.” So therefore, there will always be a break up.

True love is unconditional and easy but very hard to find.


4 thoughts on “There was a because

  1. Hmmmmmm….. you just got me on the right spot with this piece my young Man – I just got estranged with someone whom I took to be my all; you know it all. Well, I should say that even that so called “true” love came for a “Because”. Jesus Christ came and died for humankind is for a “because”. What’s that reason? “Because” he died to redeem us from sin and death. You too make sense bro. Kudos

    • Thanks man, I appreciate but even Jesus Christ came here for a reason and that reason, is the best reason I can ever think about or seen my life time. So the big question is, is your reason for loving the right one?

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