How did i get here?

how did i get here

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In as much as medicine is a very prestigious and lucrative course of study in my country and every other country in the world. I still have a friend of mine asking me/himself a very mind-troubling question, the question is “why did i choose medicine?”

The only astonishing thing right now is that folks will be eager — including thanksgivings — to do anything just to be in his position right now. So when he walked up to me and asked me this question; i couldn’t understand him, but i think i do now.

A few days ago, in the afternoon. He sent me his podcast, after listening to a good number of repeats of the podcast. It changed my personal view and perspective about life. So quickly i turned on my pc, and decided to put up this post. Maybe it could help me really discover myself, maybe it could help you or maybe it could help someone you really care about. 

Our greatest discovery is self.

This is the greatest discovery any man can make in his life time — if not everyday — because millions out of billions of people on earth, haven’t even figured out what they should be doing today. While so many are still fighting with who they are, why they are on that job, why they are studying that course in school and why they are even reading this blog post right now.

Believe me, sometimes i feel the same way too, sometimes — if not most times — i feel like i should just close my pc and put it away for good. When those ugly times comes, i always be like “why should even care about the next blog post” but them i realize that i don’t write for myself, but for the readers out there that are willing to feel my thoughts. That alone puts enough petrol in my gas tank and makes me move on.

Every human wants to be success and happy

Am i right?” Yet, the greatest question billions of us on planet earth has asked ourself or is still asking right now is, what can i do? who am i? and where am i going? but the tragedy still remains that, almost 85% of the human race pass through life without answering this questions that are very imperative to our cause of existence and also to our very main objective for living.

Let’s imagine for a moment, and in this imagination you can be your own director — it’s your imagination anyway.

And action: Take a wide imagination of that which you really desire in life. That job/career that will give you that absolute freedom and happiness you crave for, take an imagination of that wonderful career that you can’t do without; that career that will make you a better human. That career that will launch you to the point of total happiness and fulfillment in life.

Now Cut: Does what you do now really reflect your imagination?

Will that job you are on now get you to your imagination?

Is that career you are working on right now, a crystal-clear pathway for reaching to your imagination?

Are you trying to live someone else’s life?

Are you happy with yourself?

If all you have imagined is exactly whom you are, i “congratulate” you.

If it’s not, don’t feel less of yourself because the truth is, “i am also walking down that road with you too.” Some people are born knowing what to do and even how to do it. The rest of us like you and i, must spend hours figuring out what to do with our lives.

Sometimes my friends and everybody around me thinks am a savviest but the candid truth is that i am not; i am just like every other billions of people on planet earth trying to understand what life is all about and also be a better person.

Having said that, i can already feel a question coming.  Hey mike, “how am i gonna get to my imagination?”

You know what? i’ve asked myself the same question a million times already. But what’s frustrating about it,  is that each time i always get the same answer. Answers like: Stay focused to your imagination, put it down on a paper like a movie script and make plans to get there. I know it might seem a little bit fuzzy, but if you decided to bend over backwards like am trying right now. I guarantee that it won’t be long till your imagination becomes a reality and TGIF (Thank God it’s friday) will seize to be your song every weekend.

To me, my friend;Nelson, my readers, to every other person out there that this post may concern and to millions of people out there seeking answers to this question “how did i get here.” I want you to know that you didn’t get there by mistake, and you can still get to the right place if only you decide to walk on the path that will take you to that little imagination of yours you just did a while ago. Life does not instantly give us what we desire, but if we stay true to those desires and persevere, i bet it will surely occur.

Every human is just a lost piece of soul, trying to discover him/herself and find one through happiness and above all said and done, we are a sum total of our decisions, dreams, goals, vision, aspiration and desires in life. So when you choose one out of those list up there, kindly choose the one that will truly reflect who you are.

P.S. Remember, the only way to live a great life is by doing what you love.

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Podcast credit: Uzor Nelson Instagram


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