Pride: the nuclear bomb that extirpates relationship


failure only has one parent: pride

Hi friends how y’all doing today — oh yes, i am fine — incase you wanna ask. Just last month i happened to engage into a deep conversation with two of my friends and i realized that among all the problems they have, there is only one problem they can’t just spot and — yes, you guessed it — pride.

Friend #1 is afraid her long-term relationship might be hitting the rock, according to her,  it was just “a simple argument” and obviously she doesn’t know, if she should apologize first and get things back to normal or vice versa

Friend #2 is undeniably at that point that almost all men have experienced. This is actually that state in a mans life, when he has done almost everything to get a woman to be his and still go to bed wondering why it ain’t working.

Let’s start with friend #2

I know that a lot of guys reading this right now must be saying that he is stupid and wasting his time over someone that does not give a damn about him. But permit me to tell you that you might be wrong, because he is not. Rather she is wasting his time unknowingly by harkening to a cliché “show him you got pride, he won’t take you for granted.”

Yes ladies, that’s technically true but not absolutely true. As much as it is important for a woman to protect her pride before jumping into a relationship with a guy, it is also necessary to know when to draw the line.

Pride makes a man want you (ladies) for so long but it can also make him run away from you faster than Usain Bolt because in as much as he wants you, he can’t afford to wait forever.

Those who study love understands that pride is the opposite of love. Therefore once love is born, pride dies.

Ladies if you feel anything for a man, don’t give him so much pride.

Men if you want a woman to be yours and she gives you pride in return, hang on if you can because nothing good comes easy.

Over to our dear #1 friend

Writing this post just reminded me of how my past relationship ended, it was all going fine between us until one day things got soar and i felt like “hey! why should i be the first to say am sorry” and she was like “you offended me so say sorry.” We went on like that for days and days turned into weeks and weeks into months. Then i realized that the little “i am sorry” we should have said, would have saved us from being each other’s ex.

You know what? This issue is not exceptional to only friend #2 because every one of us has got this big sack of pride hanging around our shoulder, that we always fail to let go, until it weighs us down.

Come to think of it, if you said am sorry first, what difference would it make?

Would it make you a lesser human?

would it take away one strand of your hair?

would it make your breath to seize?

Or would it change your name from what it used to be?

Pride is to relationships as cyanide is to health.

Recently, i was going through an article i saw on the internet and i saw the word cyanide, i am not a medical practitioner so i had to Google it, well maybe you should too —just saying.

This is what pride do to us.

  1. pride changes your way of thinking from best to worse
  2. pride makes us prone to error and mistakes

  3. pride is the source of contention and conflict in a relationship

  4. Pride forces us to focus on the downside instead of the upside, no matter how significant things appear.

  5. Of course. Ego is counter intuitive to a real, reciprocal and mutually supportive relationship.

  6. pride makes us to say  “What if I failed and everyone saw me?”

But the truth is, no matter how much you fail people will always see you and no matter how much you succeed people will as well see you, there is no more place for someone on the floor to go to other than going up, so don’t give a damn and do your thing.

Throw away pride, say am sorry, love and surely, every other thing shall be added unto you.



7 thoughts on “Pride: the nuclear bomb that extirpates relationship

  1. This is just the truth my young man… PRIDE – a trait in living creatures (humans) that wouldn’t let us express ourselves when need be…. double kudos to u man. keep the fire burning and never allow the dreams die…

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