America is more than distance away

Maybe you do know that feeling when your family, friend, bf/gf, husband or wife walks up to you and shows you his/her passport with an American visa stamped on it, honestly folks i feel just more than that way now.


well just some months ago or maybe its cool to say last year, my girlfriend walked up to me and gave me the most exciting news that i ever heard that very month, the same news that has made me turn on my computer and got my fingers typing on my keyboard, she took out her passport from her bag, flipped it open and boom! she was granted a 2years visa to visit America, i looked at it and for a moment all i could see is my name, passport photograph and details and in my head am like “America here i come”.


I feel and am thinking maybe heaven will come crashing down on me and hopefully that this might be for good for both of us simultaneously, like a macbook with more than 2 processors.

All my life i have always heard about the American dream so much that even when i was 19 years old, i thought it was all about dreaming about America i my cozy night sleep but now i am 24 years old or technically 24 years, 1 month and 7 days old, it became more clearer to me like the Martin Luther King dream.


Yes honestly folks i do wonder about many things right now, things like

  1. Will distance be a barrier?
  2. Can our love stand the taste of time?
  3. Will she ditch me and move on?
  4. Am i sure am not gonna be the first to say goodbye?

Yea folks there is more going on in my mind now and i don’t know if anyone reading this has ever felt or is feeling the way i do now, if you have, please share me your opinion or suggestion down there at the comment box while i grab a bottle of cold beer lol!!, thanks in advance

America is not too far away but might be more than distance away when it involves two loving hearts.


6 thoughts on “America is more than distance away

  1. Its a very challenging situation,The road is not always smooth When it comes to love, …just like my mum would always say sometime, ALL U HAV TO DO SOMETIMES IS CLOSE UR EYES AND JUMP IN, KNOWING THEY WILL BE CONSEQUENCES.

  2. My dear distance dose not matter when love join two heart’s desires together because my father always tell me that when love apiar to ur hrt it comes like a dream which u can never been told how it started

  3. Ohh! My young man, it always feels like the world is going to end when distance creates a big barrier between two sincere intimate lovers… though i used tohear people say ” out of sight is never out of mind”, I guess that saying is true. I should say distance makes love grow fonder, – distance makes love grow STRONGER.! She must remain yours ijn, Amen.

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